NGH Certified
Consulting Hypnotist Course

presented by
Patricia E. MacIsaac, LPN, DNGH, CMI, OB
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Theoretical Explanation of the
Depth Stages in Hypnosis

✓ “Negative hallucinations”
✓ Examination of the second step in
✓ Practice session – How behavior is
✓ Learning to formulate positive
suggestions, reinforcement and
✓ Third step in self-hypnosis
✓ Practical exercises using suggestion
formulation techniques

You will learn …

✓ Hypnosis depth testing
✓ Speed hypnosis
✓ How to hypnotize with a 3-step
classical hypnotic induction
✓ How hypnosis can be beneficial
for you
✓ How to properly explain hypnosis
to clients
✓ How to do a “progressive
relaxation” induction
✓ How to determine whether your
clients are more visual, auditory,
or kinesthetic
✓ Self-improvement uses of hypnotic,
effective suggestions
✓ Why hypnotism is a useful adjunct
to your practice
✓ Applications of hypnosis, including
smoking cessation, weight control,
and stress management
✓ How to set up your practice and
build your clientele
✓ And much more!

How to Classify Clients and
Make Them Comfortable with

✓ Which people make the best subjects
✓ When not to hypnotize someone
✓ The “dangers” of using hypnosis

Hypnosis and Anesthesia

✓ Medicine and dentistry
✓ Uses for medical/dental surgery and childbirth

Experience a Complete
Self-Hypnosis Segment!
Introduction to Hypnotism
and Overview of the Field

✓ A look at how hypnosis has helped
and is helping various professionals
in their work
✓ An introduction to the work of the

The Use of Tests to Determine
Which Types of Hypnotic
Induction Will be Most
Effective for Each Individual

✓ Learning to measure how deeply a
subject has gone into hypnosis
✓ Includes examination of the first
step in self-hypnosis

The Use of Mechanical Aids in

✓ Hypnosis for enhancing memory,
including techniques for
hyper-amnesia and age regression
✓ Post-hypnotic suggestion
✓ Indirect suggestion
✓ Distraction/confusion method
✓ Demonstration of some of these
aids and techniques

How to Hypnotize Using an
Authoritative Induction

✓ How to achieve “rapport” with a
✓ Practice using the induction method
and the depth tests

Deepening and Pyramiding

✓ Short history of hypnotism
✓ Miscellaneous information,including words to avoid, ethical considerations, keeping records
Become a certified consulting hypnotist, recognized world wide.
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100 Hours Includes Theory
and Practicum, plus Selected
Convention Seminars and
Workshops, and Guided
Independent Study

Receive all convention amenities,
such as Saturday Night Extravaganza
and Awards Ceremony

TUITION: $1,595

• Explore a whole new
career as a highly
respected professional

• Learn how to use
hypnosis to increase
your self-confidence
and potential

• Gain self-satisfaction and
gratification by helping

• Make money in a new
career for the new

• Master the techniques
of visualization and

• Improve your own life,
help others, and open
many new doors in an
unlimited field

This course is for anyone who
wishes to start a new career or
enhance their present career

Advance Your Basic Education

Once you have completed the course,
you will receive your NGH certification.
Course consists of hands-on practice,
case studies, discussions, simulations,
demonstrations, role-playing activities,
homework assignments, review, and tests.

This course, combined with the
convention seminar and workshop
attendance, is equal to a 2-semester
college course.


Hypnotism Programs for
Weight Loss, Smoking
Cessation, Weight Control,
and Stress Management

✓ Complete programs, already
successful in dealing with
these problems

✓ The use of imagery with
these programs

✓ Includes student practice

Continuing Education Hours
(CEs) Awarded

The CE is a standard measurement
for noncredit continuing education
programs. One CE is given for each
contact hour of participation in this

All paid participants who complete
the attendance requirements will
be awarded Certified Consulting
Hypnotist by the National Guild of


“Pat MacIsaac was a wonderful instructor.
The information taught and shared gave
me the utmost confidence in my ability to
start my own business immediately! I am
so grateful for such a terrific experience.
Thanks, NGH!” – Tracy M. Gromen

“This is an excellent course presented by
an excellent instructor, Pat MacIsaac.
Including the price of the conference in the
class fee makes a package no one should
pass up.” – Deborah Dockery

“Patricia is such a wealth of knowledge
and an incredible teacher. I feel very
confident with my future as a hypnotist.
This class, and the NGH, is such a
nurturing environment. I would not
hesitate to encourage anyone to begin an
incredible new career or to enhance your
current career with this class.” – Lori Nelson

“Great course. More than I could have
imagined when using my computer to
research and think about coming. Highly
recommend to anyone looking to learn
hypnosis, young or old.” – James S.

Patricia MacIsaac Patricia E. MacIsaac, LPN, DNGH, CMI, OB, brings over 20 years of nursing experience to her very successful hypnotism practice. She is the owner and operator of South Shore Hypnosis Center in Hingham, MA, and taught hypnosis for the Adult Education Program at Quincy College. A frequent lecturer and facilitator of workshops and seminars, she has been a guest speaker on radio talk shows in the Boston area. She is certified to teach all NGH training courses and is the recipient of the 1993 NGH Meritorious Service Award and the Rexford L. North Award in 2007, as well as twice Certified Instructor of the Year. She was featured twice on the cover of the NGH’s Journal of Hypnotism®. She is a member of the Order of Braid, NGH Board of Examiners, and NGH Advisory Board

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